Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens opened in 2011 and is now a thriving attraction hosting visits from families, couples, individuals, groups and schools.

There are over 130 different species to see from around the world, with particular highlights including our captivating meerkat troupe, lemur families, white wallabies, laughing kookaburras, cute marmosets and whistling ducks, as well as a new aquatics zone, arachnids, reptiles and amphibians.

Our attractive enclosures replicate natural habitats, and we work hard to provide enrichment opportunities for the animals to enjoy. Many of our animals are also part of international breeding programmes, helping to preserve endangered populations.

There are many opportunities to get nose-to-nose (or beak!) with the animals, with regular handling sessions, animal encounters and zoo experiences. We also host regular special events throughout the year.

For more information about the Zoological Gardens, please visit our website www.kirkleyhallzoo.co.uk